Thursday, September 6, 2012

crochet barbie dress!

this dress was whiped out in less then and hour due to two of my three girls where fighting over a dress! lol! any way lala loss and didn't get the dress so I put her cheeks in my hand and said "mommy will make you one!" needless to say she was very happy!

cotton yarn

 this will just be a guide line for you to fallow due to there being all kinds of diff size barbies out there. it also crocheted flat and sewn together.

ch21 (or more/less)

row 1: sc into the 2nd ch from hook and in every ch a crossed

row 2-4: ch2 hdc into every sts a crossed

row 5: ch1, sc into the next sts, *sc decrease into the next 2 sts, 1sc into the next 2sts* repeat from *to*
to end.

row 6-7: ch1 sc into every st a crossed.

row 8: make 2sc into every st a crossed.

row 9-15 :ch2 hdc into every sts

row16: ch2 dc into every sts a crossed

row 17: ch1, sc into every st a crossed. cut yarn weave in ends sew up dress.

straps: Take a piece of some color yarn about 10" long. put hook into top of dress and loop yarn on pull though just a little take ends and pull though take ends and turn barbie around and find where her shoulder blades are and pull ends in on each side and make a cute little bow tie and you are done!!!

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