Sunday, September 9, 2012

crocheted "Bar Soap Wash Cloth Pouch"

I made this with my daughter in mind, she use's bar soap and I just wanted her to have some thing to put her soap into wash up with. this will fit the basic size bar of soap. this is also a great gift idea!!!

what you'll need:
4mm crochet hook
cotton yarn
bar of your fave soap!


round 1: 10 sc into 2nd ch from hook. sl st into 1sc

round 2(increase): 2sc into every st

round 3: ch1, 1sc into every st

round 4: ch2, 1 hdc into every st around

round 5 (last increase round): ch2, 1dc into the next st, *2dc into the next, 1dc into the next 2sts* repeat from*to*. around sl st into the top of dc.

round 6 : ch1, sc into every st around. sl st into top of 1st sc.

round 7: ch2, 1dc into every st around

for rounds 8-15 repeat rounds 6 & 7 ending with sc.

with a size 5.50mm hook make a chain long enough to weave in last round of dc. make sure when chain is weaved in both ends come out the same hole this makes it easier to pull tight and tie.

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