Friday, March 16, 2012

granny square

I just picked up the art of crochet and I am in love!! I can not put my crochet hooks down :).  This pattern is just your basic granny square. They are super duper easy! lol... There are probably a million things you can do with this pattern! you can make them any side you wish from 50 little ones to make a blanket to one great big granny square blanket hats bags etc. For this pattern you  will have to know how to chain, double crochet

chain: ch
double crochet: dc
slip: sl
space: sp
stitch: st(s)

this link is a master link to knit and crochet abbreviation from better homes and gardens

first you want to make you slip knot. once you do that you cant start your granny square!
link to my video on how to make slip knots


ch 5, sl into ch1 sp. this will join and make a ring

round 1: ch 3. and work 2dc's into ring ch1, work 3dc's into ring ch1, work 3dc's into ring ch1 work 3dc's into ring, and sl into the top of ch3 sp.  sl st over to the first shell, sl st into the ch1 sp

round 2: ch3 work 2dc into ch3 sp. ch1 3dc into same sp. ch1 3 more dc's into same sp.
now into the 2nd ch1 sp work 3dc's ch 3dc's and do that into all the ch1 spaces. sl st over to the first ch1 sp.

           if you did the first 2 round right it will look like this

round 3: ch3, work 2dc into first ch1 sp. ch1 3more dc's into same sp. Now work 3dc in to the space between the corner shell's. 3dc into corner shell ,ch1 3dc into same sp. 3dc into next space. 3dc into the next corner shell ch1, 3dc into same space. 3dc into the next space. 3dc into the next shell ch1, 3dc into same space.
                         like this

you want to work in to every space between the corner shell's as well as the ch1 space in the shell

Now you want to repeat round three until your granny square is as big as you like!

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