Saturday, March 17, 2012

Crochet OVW Tartan FBB bag!!!!

ok so the very first thing I want to say is yes the bag in this photo is mine I made it with my very own two hands....but I couldn't have done it with out Clare from Bobwilson123 - Youtube Crochet Channel!!!!!. I found this pattern Super Dee Duper easy!!!! I love it there are just many looks you can do with it!  I have already made one for my self and my mom liked it so much she asked for one for herself! and guess what!?!?! Clare has a blog here right on blogger!!! when I started to watch youtube to learn how to crochet,  there are only very few lady's(will post link at bottom of some) on there that make understanding how to crochet easy! and she is one of them! :) I just want to say thank you to Clare and the other lady's on youtube for you're hard work and taking the time to make and post the video's you do!! I know I am not alone when I say this! I know I know when am I going to get on With  the pattern. I'm not I will post a link at the bottom of my post with the all the link's I found and used for this pattern!

link for bobwilson123-youtube crochet channel~ Crochet OVW Tartan FBB Tutorial
link for Clare's written pattern for the OVW FBB Bag
one virtuous woman has some awesome Tutorial videos

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