Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mary Jane baby booties!!!!

I have been super busy making stuff for my mother (gifts for a lady she works with) I have made a shell beanie, granny square baby blanket, and baby booties!!!!!!! I found these booties on It's free to sign up, and they have lots of patterns for you're use. now the lady who posted her pattern on Ravelry she ask us(us as in us who used her pattern) not to write out the pattern on a webpage,  but to share the link. so here is the link for these super duper cute little booties!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dainty Mary Jane's. these booties are so easy to make they are crocheted in one peace so there is no breaking the yarn until the very end! Now as I was making these I loved how they looked with out putting the strap on....But they are cute with them on as well as off!

(these flowers are in the pattern as well) 

I hope you love these booties as much as I do!

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