Friday, October 25, 2013

best Mickey & Minnie ears!

I had come up with this pattern for some Minnie ears for a hat for my niece. I was having a hard time with all the patterns I was trying and they just flopped right over! :(  and after going to a crochet group on Facebook and asking what the best Minnie and mickey ears where around......I got lots of great suggestions i finely crafted up these bad boys!!! I hope you enjoy!

ok first you will need:

5mm crochet hook (us size H8)
yarn (of coarse )
yarn needle

take two strands of yarn and make a sl knot

chain 4 sl st in first ch and join.

row 1: ch1 sc 8 times into ring. ch1 and turn

row 2: 2 sc into first st and every st.  to end of row.  ch1 and turn.

row 3: 1 sc into first st, 2 sc into next, *1 sc, 2 sc*  repeat  from * to*. to the end of row. ch1 and turn.

row 4:  1 sc in the first two sts. *2 sc into the next st. 1 sc into the next two sts* repeat from *to*. to end of row.   ch1 and turn.

row 5:  1 sc into the next three sts, 2 sc into the fourth. *1 sc into next 3 sts, 2 sc into he fourth.* repeat from *to*.  to end of row.  ch1 and turn.

row 6:  1 sc into the next four sts. 2 sc into the fifth. *1 sc into the next four sts. 2 sc into the fifth* repeat from *to*.   to end of row. ch1 and FO.

note:  make sure to cut a long tail from both strands of yarn you where just using. one will be to sew the ear together and the other one will to sew the ear to the hat of your choosing  

now you are going to take the ear and put the left side over the right side. and take one tail and sew them together ( i went from where the tails are and followed the triangle going taking the needle and going down and then coming up from under the work then i used the whip st for the front) weave in and cut yarn. then using the other tail sew to hat of your choosing.

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